Important Information regarding Kounta and Xero

Kounta has made an adjustment to how the interface from Kounta to Xero operates.
There is now an additional account setting to complete in Kounta back office which relates to a 'LayBy' option for a Kounta receipt.
Deposits received by this method need to be mapped to a separate General Ledger account inside your Xero account.
To effect this you will first need to create a new Xero General Ledger account.
Please go to your Xero account and open up your Chart of Accounts.
Select Liability accounts and decide on what account number you wish to allocate to this new General Ledger account.
Now 'Add an Account'
Make this account Current Liability, give it the number you have decided on, call this account 'Deposits from Kounta'. Leave the account as BAS Exclusive but tick on Allow Payments to this account. And save this new account.
Now you just have to assign this General Ledger account number to the Xero setup section in your Kounta back end.
The next and final step to complete this task in Kounta Back Office you will need to go to Add-Ons located under My Site if you are looking after one site or multiple sites in your organisation.
Select the Add-Ons Tab and hover over Xero (Add On) Icon and select cog wheel.
Next you will see three options “Configuration”, "Export to Xero", and “Disable”.
Select Configuration and select “Default Account” tab.
The new line that will appear to be blank or missing is:  "CURRENT ASSETS - PREPAYMENTS”  
Lastly you will need to enter in the new Account Number created in Xero called ‘Deposits from Kounta’.
Please remember to save changes and you will now be able to export from Kounta to Xero as before.
If this issue still persists after performing these steps please contact us at your earliest convenience to further assist.
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