Basic Troubleshooting - Intelligent Cloud Printer

The Epson Intelligent Cloud Printer allows you to print directly from any browser. It also can be setup to send print commands to other standard Epson printers in your network. Supported models are listed below


If you are experiencing problems with your printer/s please try these basic troubleshooting steps.

1. Check the printer has power - the Epson cloud printer has two power plugs on the one cable.

2. Confirm the printer has paper and is properly seated. Sometimes you may need to open the printer and reseat the paper.

3. Confirm your network cable is securely connected to the printer and likewise to the router at the other end

4. Turn the printer off then on

5. There will be a printing icon on the top right corner of your POS screen please clear the queue by selecting reprint or selecting (X) next to the print jobs pending or failed if you do not want these orders to reprint.

6. Restart your Router


*Advanced step to perform is IP Address of printer via browser to access the Intelligent Printer.

e.g. XX.XX.XX.150/PrinterConfigurationPage

On your iPad go to Settings from Dashboard, Select wi-fi and the wi-fi that you are connected to select the (i) icon.  This will give you the IP address, your intelligent printer if it was configured and set up by SMB will be the first three sections of your IP address and will end in 150 as per below.

If it asks or prompts for authentication required the printer is definitely connected and configured correctly.


If issue still persists please contact SMB Support 1300 919 929 alternatively submit a ticket to support@smbconsultants.

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