Authorising a new iPad

If you are unable to use Kounta on a specific iPad (if the iPad is faulty, for example), you can easily authorise a replacement device within minutes by following these steps:

1.  log into Kounta back office from any device.

2.  select ‘Sites’ from the left of the screen.

3.  then select ‘Devices’ from the left of the screen.

4.  click the ‘Recycle’ icon to the right of your terminal.

5.  log into Kounta on your new iPad by going to

6.  select ‘Go To POS’ from the top-left of the screen.

7.  select your terminal from the drop-down list and press ‘OK’.

8.  you will see a ‘Downloading Application File’ message appear on the left of the screen.  Please allow this to update to 67% before proceeding to use the software.

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