Making a Console Log (Diagnostic for LightSpeed Crashes)

If you experience LightSpeed intermittently closing down or quitting unexpectedly, the first thing we require to diagnose and resolve the problem is a Console log. Below are the steps required to generate a Console Log.


NOTE: Before you begin, please make sure that you are completing these steps on the Mac Mini Server. More information on how to do this can be found in the document listed here. Please follow only Steps 1 to 4.

To Generate a Console Log: 

1. Open the Console application (Macintosh HD/Applications/Utilities/) on your LightSpeed Server Computer.
2. Click on All Messages at the top left. You may need to click 'Show Log List' from the top tool bar first.
3. Navigate to the File menu -> Save a Copy as.
4. Email us this file and include a time and date of when the issue last occurred. 

These steps should generate a Console Log that we will then use to diagnose the issue. Please email this along with the screenshot of the crash window if possible so we can take the necessary steps as soon as possible. 

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