Multi Store Replication - What Gets Replicated.

During the replication process the following product fields will be added to the Child Store's products:


- Product Code

- Description

- Label: MS Label

- Minimum Margin

- Related: Related,Auto-Add, Build, Break Apart, 

- Photos

- Info: Family, UPC,Class, Tax Status,Size, Color, Supplier, Supplier Code, Raw Cost, Currency, Cost,Sell Price, Margin, Inventoried, Serial Numbers,Current,Editable Description,Editable Selling Price,Gift Card, Cost Always Equals Sell, Size/Color Matrix

- Options: POS Categories, Pricing Levels, Actions (Do Not Apply Rules , Do Not Replicate)

- Web: Sell on LightSpeed Web Store, Web Categories, Keywords, Web Short Description, Web Long Description, Web Price, Weight, Length, Width, Height

- Inventory: Reorder Point, Reorder Amount

- Notes: Notes

- GL: GL Account Mappings

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