LightSpeed Resources

There are a number of resources that are available, whether it to refresh your mind on a particular workflow or to learn a feature of LightSpeed that may be useful for your business. 


Online User Manual

This can be used primarily as a step-by-step guide for all workflows that LightSpeed offers. 


Support and Troubleshooting 

This is more of a How-do-I-fix-it website as opposed to a "How do I do this?". Please note that this section also contains release notes for newer version of LightSpeed as well as useful answers to frequently asked questions. 


LightSpeed's Video Learning Library 

It is practically the mirror of LightSpeed's Online User Manual, but It a visual form. Note that you can pause and rewind whenever needed to ensure that you follow the workflow step by step. This is only accessible to our customers that has purchased the Support & Upgrades Subscription from LightSpeed. Bear in mind that there is also a smaller version of this library freely accessible here.

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