What is Meraki Device Management?

Meraki Device Management is a free service offered by SMB Consultants which provides two primary benefits:

1. Control over how the iPad is used by staff via remotely imposed restrictions.

Enforced restrictions include:

- Camera disabled

- In-App Purchases disabled

- Passbook notifications disabled

- Multi-player gaming disabled

- Youtube disabled

- iTunes Store disabled (not to be confused with App Store)

- Game Centre disabled

- iMessage disabled

- Bookstore disabled

- iCloud disabled

- Explicit music and podcasts disabled (if content has been synced from a computer)


2. Provide SMB with remote visibility of device status including:

- Currently installed version of Kounta POS (this assists with troubleshooting and upgrade management)

- iOS version

- Available storage space

- Internet/network connectivity over a period of 12 hours

- Battery Life


You will also notice two new icons on your device's home screen:

1. SMB Support.  This icon will direct you to the SMB Consultants support website.

2. Testflight.  Used to install new versions of Kounta POS.


If you would like further information regarding Meraki Device Management or if you would like to have this service set up on your devices, please call SMB Consultants on 1300 919 929.

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